Here’s a snapshot of the projects I’m currently working on. I tend to gravitate to highly technical projects, or more recently anything involving machine learning.


  • Delphus – a trustable research management system. Built using TypeScript, React, and Web3. Commits encrypted data to the Ethereum blockchain to improve scientific transparency and provide data provenance. I’m working on this with a group of other co-founders.

  • Zero – my homelab, running a Matrix server, GitLab, Asterisk, and the blog you’re currently reading, along with a constellation of other services that I use daily. I run a collection of Ubuntu VMs using Proxmox, and run microk8s to deploy my services to Kubernetes.

Under Construction

  • Stanford One for the World website – a website for the Stanford One for the World chapter, encouraging students to pledge to donate at least 1% of their income to effective charities. For context, research demonstrates that effective charities can save a life with funding on the order of ~$500-1000. It’s crazy how neglected this is.

  • Learning machine learning – I’d like to go into AI safety in the future. To work toward this, I’m currently learning basic ML techniques, after which I’d like to dive into Reinforcement Learning or something similar. I’m also very interested in GPT-3 and OpenAI’s other models. (If you know of any good resources or tips on getting started, please let me know!)

Completed & Past Projects

  • – Open access to National Grid, HEET’s, and Gas Safety Inc.‘s’ data on gas leaks in Acton, MA. Natural gas leaks are a major problem in New England’s aging infrastructure, and can contribute to ~10% of Massachusetts greenhouse gas emissions. I worked on this project at Resource Force, a club at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School.

  • Netflix Party Reborn – a lightly-updated fork of Netflix Party to get the extension working properly on modern versions of Firefox.

  • giffs – a FUSE filesystem that appends a GIF header to every file (in case you ever needed it). Effectively prefixes every file with a given prefix.

  • cubic20 – an Android app to give reminders every 20 minutes to maintain eye health. Dreadfully out-of-date now, thanks to Android’s strict power saving behaviors, but may still be useful.

  • AB Robotics control code for control of an FTC robot.

Hackathon Projects

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  • Cortex – ETHWaterloo 2019 – Torus, ENS, and NuCypher Sponsor Awards
  • reBlock – MIT Bitcoin Expo 2018 – 2nd Place
  • reBlock – MAHacks III - 1st Place
  • Delphus - DoraHacks GHS - 1st Place
  • Akira – LexHack – 2nd Place
  • Litcoin – HackNEHS – 3rd Place
  • Duck Feed – HackExeter 2017 – Developer’s Award
  • Production Focus – HackExeter 2018 – Production Focus
  • Hack3 2020 – Organizer


Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the world to pursue every idea. Here are the ones I’m currently thinking about doing. Feel free to pick one up, and let me know how it goes!

  • [2020-07-27] A GPT-2/3 persuasion bot. Make GPT-X predict both its output and the user’s response several times. Then, use sentiment analysis or another form of ranking to evaluate how convinced the user is of a certain claim from each possible GPT statement. Pick the most convincing one, and repeat.
  • [2020-07-26] A web extension that shows when an NPM package supports TypeScript on the NPM registry pages.
  • [2020-07-08] A web extension to block spiders or other phobia-inducing images from the internet, using a machine learning model. I started working on Image Begone, but I decided to pause to learn more about the fundamentals of ML first.